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We’ve worked with ThatGrapeJuice (TGJ) for a number of years now – working on their main site and a number of their partner sites. The gossip empire wanted to rebrand – bringing all of its websites under one roof and providing much more of a central brand to its loyal visitors. We were asked to design a site which was clean yet colourful, easy to use, accessible on multiple devices, and intuitive. We created a site that worked off a tabbed system for users, which allowed the user to tailor the sites main feed to present ‘stories’ from one particular area. We also introduced multiple tabbed systems in the sidebar section for users to find content from different sections in just a few clicks. The site now has a full mobile experience, where users can find anything they would of on the ‘desktop’ experience, now on their mobile device.

The 2016 redesign…


We’ve also worked on numerous site takeovers, advertising campaigns, competitions and more..


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